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Susan Willis, Ph.D.

(650) 464-7323
[email protected]

Palo Alto Office:
555 Middlefield Rd, #209
Palo Alto, CA 94301

San Jose Office:
1625 The Alameda, #404
San Jose, CA 95126

(650) 464-7323


Treatment Specialization Areas Include:

          Relationships,  Infidelity
          Major Illness: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, MS
          Teen Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
          Wealth Issues and Ramifications
          Abuse, Molestation, Incest, Survivors of Sexual Abuse
          Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
          Death, Grief and Loss
          Aging and Geriatric Psychology
          Women's Issues
          Health, Fitness, and Wellness
          Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting
          Dream Work
          Personal Growth

Group Therapy on Focused Topics:

Cancer Strategies:  A Different Kind of Cancer Support Group

Join other people who've had a cancer diagnosis in figuring out just what went wrong with your health and how you might best fix it.  After 20 years of working with people with cancer, and being a long term survivor of breast cancer myself, I know it's possible to beat the odds and return to vibrant health.  Over several months, we'll meet weekly and look at all the pieces of the "cancer pie."  You will learn how you most likely got your cancer and what that implies for treatment and for lifestyle changes.  You will emerge with several strategies to employ if "Plan A" fails, along with the courage to implement them.  Plus you'll meet some great people. sample some tasty nutritious superfoods, and gather lots of unique information.  Call for dates and times of next group forming, or for individual work in this area.

Vibrant Aging:  Moving Mightily Forward

Join fellow boomers (and beyond) in exploring approaching "sagehood."  We'll probe the myths, the changing realities, and the fears and joys of the next great phase of our lives.  On the boomer cusp myself, and currently doing much work with geriatric inpatients, I've a strong interest in maximizing both the physical and psyche/soul health of elders.  In our weekly meetings, we'll approach the topic from many fronts, and add some apropos oldies music and food for fun and longevity.  Call for dates and times of next group forming, or for individual work in this area.

Pregnancy:  Overcoming Loss Enroute to Motherhood

Join other women who want to be pregnant, give birth and become mothers...and it's not coming easily.  Whether you are struggling with infertility or have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth, you'll find comfort, support, and rebuilding here.  We'll share our joys and disappointments on the path, and learn coping skills which will help get us ready.  Since I experienced six pregnancy losses myself enroute to becoming the mother to two glorious sons, I know firsthand that success is possible.  We'll figure out how.  Call for dates and times of next group forming, or for individual work in this area.

Formats Include:

  45 Minute Sessions (for insurance coverage)
          50-55 Minute Sessions (for non-insurance sessions)
          90 Minute Group Sessions on Focused Topics

          In Office, Face-to Face Sessions
          Teletherapy via Telephone, Skype, Texting or Email

Request a Therapy Appointment Online:

You may request a therapy appointment online here.