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And congratulations! It's exciting to see that you are already taking action to improve your current dilemma--and your life.

Your problem is actually very good news, believe it or not, because buried within it are the seeds of its resolution.

I've dedicated my life to helping people like you address uncomfortable or distressing issues in the best-fitting, most creative ways possible. You will feel masterful when you discover and implement new solutions. And that sense of mastery--that ability to move forward without lugging baggage or shooting yourself in the foot or disappointing people close to you--will lead to deeper contentment.

Imagine that your life feels solid and in control, that you are confident in your ability to make good decisions and lead those around you to do the same, that your emotions and intellect foster joyful experiences and relationships, that you feel deep satisfaction with more aspects of your life.... You can have that, and more.

It would be my pleasure, as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in practice over 25 years, to work with you.

To schedule an appointment or a FREE 30 minute phone consultation please fill out the form here or give me a call today at (650) 464-7323. I work with individuals and couples going through anxiety, depression, stress, chronic illnesses, and more. Currently providing online appointments. Serving out of San Jose area, and providing services to Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, and throughout California.

Susan Willis, Ph.D. Psychologist PSY 9172

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